Events & Festivals 2024  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Town of Peterview invites you to partake in all of the exciting events happening this year!

June 1

Firefighters Ball 2024

This year marks the celebration of 59 years of the Peterview Fire Department and the 33rd annual firemans ball.

See any fire department member to get your tickets!


At the Fire Hall

July 22 - 28

Peterview Day

Join Peterview on the day of its own for the celebrations of the amazing community! There's Little King and Queen contest, breakfast at the Fire Hall, local talent show, a spectacular parade, amazing food, fun booths, fireworks, beer garden and live music!


At Riverside Park

Northern Arm Day

Come have fun and join in to celebrate Northern Arm Day! There's music, food, 

and fun!


July 29 - August 5

Botwood Day

Join Botwood in the celebrations of its town! There's parades, floats, bicycles, soap box derbies, music, delicious food and amazing fireworks.



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